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Purple Alpaca Farms

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To stand still is to fall behind – Mark Twain

Our journey to farming is a story of finding our identity. Our way to express ourselves in the work we do and the life we live.
We have lived the city life throughout our early adulthood, gave birth to two strong & independent daughters, and adhered to the quintessential suburban life.

But as we grew old of our consumption, the dreary cityscapes and the speed at which we saw our daughters grow up we realized a drastic change needed to happen. Going back to “basics” as one would say, we have always enjoyed homesteading. Alpacas came as a natural extension to Gloria’s extensive weaving hobby and so we bought this beautiful farm on 33 acres.

We love to share the story with everyone who would like to listen.
Come and join us on our endeavor to live what we dream.

Come explore!

Life is good.
Always munching

Gimme a kiss

Is it drafty in here?